A Message from Beth Tzedec Congregation: Fighting Anti-Semitism in the TDSB
Beth Tzedec
Dec 8th 2021

Your Support is Needed

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is voting today (Wednesday, December 8) on censuring Trustee Alexandra Lulka for calling out anti-semitism in unvetted information that was sent to a TDSB mailing list. This comes on the heels of a number of incidents in the TDSB that has Jewish staff members and families on edge.

The Toronto Board of Rabbis has composed a letter to the trustees calling on the Board of Trustees to reject the Integrity Commissioner's recommendations to censure Trustee Lulka and to fight the rising anti-semitism within the school system by partnering with recognized organizations to fight anti-semitism and other forms of hate. To view the Board of Rabbis' response, click here.

While time is short, we can still voice our concern either individually or by signing on to the CIJA statement. Your support is urgently needed to stand up for the Jewish community in the face of ongoing anti-semitism. 

Debbie Rothstein,                                         Rabbi Steven Wernick,
President of Beth Tzedec Congregation      Anne & Max Tanenbaum Senior Rabbinic Chair