Shabbat Study

ẖThe vitality and breadth of Torah study and the understanding that comes with it of the tenets, laws, customs and history of the Jewish people that have guided our day-to-day living for 5,000 years is to be found at Beth Tzedec every Shabbat.

The Synagogue provides a remarkably diverse number of opportunities for people of all ages, interests and levels of knowledge to engage in Jewish life and learning.

Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday evening and the Sanctuary service on Saturday morning constitute a complete spiritual and liturgical experience, framed and underscored by the stirring cantorial music of our tradition. 

For those looking to be more actively involved in worship and learning, the Little Minyan offers a traditional service in a less formal setting. It also provides a substantive opportunity to study Torah through discussion informed by a study sheet, a full sermon (derashah), or a shorter commentary/discourse (dvar torah), often led by participants

Shabbat study led by our Rabbis, Baruch Frydman-Kohl and Adam Cutler, whether In the Main Sanctuary, in the Little Minyan, or between the Minhaẖ and Arvit services on Saturday afternoon, always embraces something intriguing and often illuminate contemporary challenges and ideas with classical texts and perspectives.

Professor Arnold Ages shares learned and insightful literary and theological interpretations of the weekly Torah portion during his 9:30 a.m. Shabbat seminar. His sessions have been central to Shabbat at Beth Tzedec for more than four decades.

Once each month, Rabbi Cutler conducts a seminar for Young Professionals.

Shabbat at Beth Tzedec also means the Family Service, Junior Congregation, the Shabbat Morning Program (for young people with the synagogue’s shinshinim – Israeli students here for the year), Torah Tots and Nursery, the Teen Minyan and Young Shamashim (where bar and bat mitzvah candidates interested in improving their davening skills can do so).

Shabbat study at Beth Tzedec is rich and fulfilling. No special training needed. All you’ve got to do is show up. Please do!