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In case of emergency due to death, please contact the Jewish funeral home of your choice; they will make arrangements and coordinate with us.

To reach a Beth Tzedec Rabbi 24 hours a day for a non-death rabbinic emergency, please call 416-781-3514, ext. 8. Please note: our Klei Kodesh are not available by phone or email on Shabbat or Festivals, but will be available for contact shortly after the conclusion of these sacred days.


If you would like us to announce a special event in your life in the Beth Tzedec Bulletin, please send an email or call Terri Humphries at 416-781-3514, ext. 212.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes begin in September. If your child will be going into grade 6-7 this September, you will need to register him/her for classes. For more information or to register your child, please contact Daniel Silverman at 416-781-3514, ext. 231. 

Births, Bris & Baby Namings

Please contact Marni Turner-Serbin at 416-781-3514, ext 227. To make arrangements for a reception, see Room Rentals and simẖahs, below. Dr. Mark Greenberg is a mohel and family physician who is approved by the Rabbinical Assembly (Conservative), and can be reached at 416-661-0004. For a list of additional shomer Shabbat (Sabbath observant) mohelim, please contact the Synagogue office at 416-781-3511.

Congregational School

Classes for students JK through Grade 7 are held Sundays from 9:15 until noon. Students in grades 2-7 also attend Hebrew tutorials on Wednesday evenings from 4:30 - 5:30 or 5:30 - 6:30, with some flexibility regarding the day of the week. For more information or to register, please contact Daniel Silverman at 416-781-3514, ext. 231. 


In the event of a death of a member or relative, please contact the Jewish funeral home of your choice. The funeral home will inform and co-ordinate arrangements for the funeral and burial with us.

Please note: our Klei Kodesh  are not available by phone or email on Shabbat or Festivals, but will be available for contact shortly after the conclusion of these sacred days. In the interim, as a sign of respect, a member of the family or a friend should remain with the deceased.  For information about bereavement groups, please contact Marni Turner-Serbin at 416-781-3514, ext. 234.

Donations & Tributes

If you wish to make a donation, please contact Avital Narvey in the Synagogue office at 416-781-3511. 


Please let us know if you, a family member, or a fellow congregant is ill or hospitalized. A call to the office will ensure that our rabbis, cantors and volunteers can follow up with visits, calls and healing prayers from the bimah. Please contact Sheri Federman at 416-781-3514, ext. 227. If emailing, please put "Illness Notification" in the subject line.


Beth Tzedec welcomes new members!  We invite you to contact our membership and development coordinator, Klara Romm at 416-781-3514, ext. 220 for more information. Non-members are welcome to join us at our services and most of our programs unless otherwise stated. We are a "Fair Share" membership synagogue where membership contributions are based on each family's own financial situation. 


For information on current and upcoming exhibitions, hours of operation or to arrange a tour, please contact Dorion Liebgott at 416-781-3514, ext. 232.  

Room Rentals & Simẖahs

If your simẖah is in conjunction with a religious event, please contact Sheri Federman at 416-781-3514, ext 227 who will help you through the steps and link you up with one of our rabbis. You can also contact Sheri to inquire about or book a room. Beth Tzedec's exclusive caterer is Apex Kosher Catering. 


For questions or comments about our website, please email Terri Humphries.


If you wish to be married at Beth Tzedec, please contact Florence Bendelac at 416-781-3514, ext. 213 who will also put you in touch with the Beth Tzedec rabbi of your choice and our caterer, Apex Kosher Catering. If you are planning a kosher reception outside of Beth Tzedec, contact the Beth Tzedec rabbi of your choice as early as possible and before finalizing a date.  Please note that all events must be kosher, and if held in a place other than a private home, must be catered through a certified kosher caterer.