The Centre for Spiritual Well-Being is a shift in the way we approach personal and community well-being at Beth Tzedec.

Under the leadership of Rabbis Steven Wernick and Robyn Fryer Bodzin, we’re doing this by focusing on the ancient idea of shlaymoot. Explored by rabbis and scholars for generations, it refers to the peace and contentment that comes from caring for your mental, emotional and physical health, along with your relationship to the values and beliefs that give life purpose.

Those values and beliefs are particularly important today, because we are living in a time of historic paradigm shifts impacting the very nature of the human experience. We are the most connected, yet personally isolated generation in history. Climate change, the global marketplace and technology are rapidly impacting how we work, how we socialize, how we communicate, how we behave and even how we think.

In this shift, there is anxiety, pain, uncertainty and insecurity. The Beth Tzedec Centre for Spiritual Well-Being will create a community of shared Jewish language and practices to reconnect us to ourselves, to each other and to the sacred in new and traditional ways.

What Does a Culture Shift Look Like?

Expanding Current Programs –

  • Growing opportunities for Jewish meditation for all members
  • Magnifying the impact of our hesed programs, such as Kadima and Out of the Cold
  • Making learning opportunities more relevant and accessible to everyone

Offering New Opportunities –

  • Establishing support groups for those touched by addiction, mental illness, and loss
  • Creating more opportunities for spiritual engagement outside of regular services
  • Developing programs and events with a holistic view of well-being, including mind, body and spirit

Forging New Relationships –

  • Launching small groups of members around shared passions, interests, and goals
  • Reaching out to those who may have been marginalized or ignored in the past
  • Partnering with other congregations and organizations with proven skills in the field of spiritual wellness

How Can You Help?

The members of Beth Tzedec are the most important factor in the success of this initiative. The Centre for Spiritual Well-Being will be a resource for every member of the synagogue to ask for and recieve the tools they need to live joyful lives in the spirit of shlaymoot.

That's why our primary fundraising goal is to reach 100% participation - we want every member of our community to feel invested and excited about this innovative program, and we're asking every member of our community to give at a level they are comfortable with.

You can donate online by contributing to the Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl Endowment Fund, the proceeds of which will support The Centre for Spiritual Well-Being.

If you are interested in learning more about the Centre or getting involved in the Campaign Cabinet, please contact Klara Romm at 416-781-3514, ext. 220.