Men’s Club 2024 Scholarship Applications

The Beth Tzedec Men’s Club is pleased to sponsor our long standing scholarship program to assist young men and women who are pursuing programs of higher Jewish education.

The criteria we use to judge each applicant is based on the following and should be given careful consideration when applying. The information provided with this application is the sole source upon which the scholarship committee will make a decision.

  • The career goals of the candidate and how the program of study relates to it and the benefit that may be brought to the Jewish community by the candidate.
  • The program of study for which the funds will be used.
  • The financial needs of the candidate.
  • The overall quality of the submitted application. Please print or type as illegible handwriting will negatively impact the application.
  • Special needs or consideration should be explained in full.
  • A copy of your most recent school transcripts must be included.

The deadline for applications is April 15 2024. Applications received after that date will not be considered.

All candidates will be notified in May of their status and scholarship winners or their representatives are expected to attend the Awards Breakfast to receive their awards.

Applications can be obtained from

A number of special funds are available.

Hy Cooper Fund

For post-secondary studies in higher Jewish education such as Cantorial and Rabbinic studies, Jewish/Hebrew Education  or any other field with the ultimate goal of benefiting the Jewish community.

Shelley Gross Fund

Financial assistance is awarded to those who are planning to become teachers to those who have disabilities. This would include Special Education teachers for both the private and public sectors.

Sherman Fund

This fund provides assistance to those pursuing Cantorial studies.

Orenstein Fund

This fund is awarded to those who are studying the arts. A broad range of applicants are included in this category and past recipients have included those studying painting, film and graphic arts. 

David Singer Fund

This fund provides assistance to those seeking higher Jewish education which will bring a clear benefit to the Jewish community.