Shabbat Services

We are a large synagogue community which seeks to create smaller spiritual niches to serve the diverse needs of those who daven/pray/study with us. 

To confirm service times and details, check the listing to the right or our calendar

Request a Mi sheberakh for Illness

To request a mi sheberakh (a healing prayer) to be recited in shul for someone who is ill, please tell us for whom the prayer will be recited and give us that person's Hebrew name with the name of the mother. If you don't have the mother's name, give us the father's name. And if you don't have the Hebrew names of either parent, just give us the English name of the person for whom the blessing will be recited. Please give us your name and phone number so we can contact you with any questions. Please send this information to Karen Goldstein or call 416-781-3514, ext. 213.