A Message from the Men's Club of Beth Tzedec
Beth Tzedec
Mar 25th 2020

These indeed are difficult times in which it is often so easy to head in the direction of fear, pessimism and doom and gloom when listening to the news on the radio, on TV or on social media. Social distancing between families, relatives, friends and neighbours also can lead to feelings of isolation.

However with every downturn, misfortune or loss there also arises an opportunity and we have choices. Do we consider the glass half empty or half full? It is important to grasp the opportunistic and positive side which allows us to gain hope and confidence that things will improve and that life will go on and return to more “normal” times, when we can again complain about the traffic, the weather, the Leafs, the price of gas and too-high taxes.

Considerations and Suggestions: 

Finally I have time to read the book that I bought that has been sitting on my bookshelf. 

Wow, I can attack the “stuff” in the basement that I couldn’t find time to deal with before. 

I will finally call and speak to the people that I had intended to contact in the past but the time was never quite right.

I will be a positive force and support for others, e.g., family, friends, colleagues. 

Appreciate those on the front lines, not only in the medical facilities but also in government (federal, provincial and municipal) who have to step up to the plate and assume leadership roles and also those in religious and other organizations. 

Dig into your old CDs, tapes and records and find your old favorites and play them. Look at old picture albums and scrap books. 

Do get outside and use all your senses. Although it is too early to smell the roses, look at the new buds on the trees, the early snowdrops in the lawns, listen to the bird songs and sounds – the sweet call of the cardinal and the rat-tat-tat of the woodpecker. Appreciate the sun and the rain. The yearly cycle of life is returning, as will “normal life” to us, hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Hang in for the long haul. A vaccine will be developed, hopefully soon, and we shall conquer this modern-day “plague”.

We in the Men’s Club of Beth Tzedec are optimistic and are planning for the future when things return to normal, as they most surely will. The Men’s Club wishes you and your family health and optimism—if you have any ideas for us, please share them.

Along with our clergy and other support staff at Beth Tzedec, we all form part of a large family. As a family, we wish to stand together at times of stress.

Perry Cooper, MD

Vice President, Beth Tzedec Men’s Club