A Message on the Tragic Discovery at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School
Beth Tzedec
Jun 1st 2021

The remains of 215 First Nations children recently uncovered below a residential school stand as a stark reminder of one of the most shameful events in Canada's history. We remember the hundreds of thousands of victims of residential schools - those who lost their lives, those whose families were torn apart and those who survived, only to be re-traumatized by our failure to prioritize teshuvah and repentance.

Beth Tzedec calls on the Canadian government to establish an appropriate framework for addressing the many unrecorded deaths from this dark time in our history, including a thorough, public investigation and a renewed commitment to the accepted recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Lo ta-a-mod al dam ray-ekha.
"Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbour."
-Leviticus 19:16​