Amy Kronish
Beth Tzedec
May 15th 2013

Amy Kronish, a world authority on Israeli films,  gave a lecture and presented movie clips on War and Peace: Changing Attitudes. She had an excellent rapport with the audience, engaging them in a lively discussion and leaving them wanting more.

Speaking to Young Professionals on the provocative theme of The Jewish Mother in Film: Shrieking, Hysterical and Overprotective, Kronish delighted the audience with a series of movie clips from the last 70 years of film accompanied by punchy insights. Kronish enticed the crowd into appreciating the dynamic ability of film to represent and challenge stereotypical understandings of Jewish mothers.

Amy's third lecture was included in the three-part series on The Image of Jews in Film. Through the lens of Israeli cinema, Amy discussed contemporary issues in Israeli society illustrated by several film clips. She addressed relations with Arabs, gender issues and the widening gap between the religious and secular. This presentation, attended by 75 people, was thought-provoking and engaging, and left the audience thinking about the dramatic changes that have impacted Israel over the last 15 years.