An Important Message for the Congregation
Sep 25th 2020

On Monday, we wrote to you to apologize for the technical issues we experienced during our Rosh Hashanah live stream and committed that we would take the necessary steps to address these prior to Yom Kippur. Today, we are pleased to report that these problems have been fixed and we are ready to go for Yom Kippur.
The initial problems on Rosh Hashanah Day 1 were due to an issue with the server that processes the member logins to the site. This was actually resolved in real time by our technical team at WorkerbeeTV, who increased the size of their server in time for the Musaf service to begin, and have now further increased the size of the server to provide excess capacity.
Despite all of our work to produce a high-quality Rosh Hashanah service, the unfortunate service interruptions were due to the proverbial weakest link in the chain – our connections into and within the Rogers network. We are fortunate to have now been connected with senior resources at Rogers who have been working with us around the clock, to prepare for and install a different type of dedicated fibre-optic line and equipment that will meet or exceed our specifications. This was installed on Thursday, together with an additional backup line, and will be extensively tested by our professional team at WorkerbeeTV prior to Yom Kippur.
As a final contingency, we have pre-recorded a number of components of the service, so that we have a further backup for these critical needs in case of any other failure, and are putting in place clearer information on the Hub in the event of any issues.
We have heard from many of you this week, with many compliments on what we have achieved during this inaugural run, some constructive suggestions for improvement which we have undertaken to incorporate and of course, some healthy criticism. We strive, together with our professional partners at WorkerbeeTV working both in the synagogue and in Winnipeg, and with our incredible Spiritual Leadership Team, administration and production staff, to provide a meaningful and comprehensive High Holy Days experience, and look forward to having you join us again starting on Sunday evening.
Shanah Tovah, G’mar Hatima Tovah and Shabbat Shalom.

Debbie Rothstein             

Bernie Gropper
Chair of the Board of Directors