Covid-19 and Physical Distancing During Passover
Beth Tzedec
Apr 4th 2020

We hope all the members of our Congregation and the community are coping well in these difficult times.

The leadership and staff at Beth Tzedec are working hard to keep you up-to-date with information and protocols related to the Covid-19 pandemic, including the importance of strict physical distancing over Passover. This year, it means staying home and conducting seders only with members of your own household. This is particularly crucial given the warnings of medical experts that COVID-19 is spread by individuals with absolutely no symptoms and can be deadly to those infected, regardless of age or health conditions.

Additionally, police and security personnel are increasing enforcement of the current ban on social gatherings. Those who attempt to make use of parks or playgrounds that have been closed or conduct public gatherings (form groups of more than five individuals) can face significant fines. 

These new protocols limit our ability to celebrate as a community or family and to engage in activities that we've long taken as tradition. Though these are big changes to our usual ẖaggim customs and traditions, it is the responsible thing to do to protect all those we love. 

There are a number of wonderful resources out available for you and your family to keep up-to-date on the evolving situation, including the following texts – each of which calls for strict physical distancing over Passover:

We thank you for your leadership and support. This is one of those crucial moments when quick action and a strong message will save lives.

Remember—Stay home and keep guests out of your home this Passover, without exception. We want our entire community and society to be safe.

Shabbat Shalom and H̱ag Pesaẖ Sameaẖ,