Beth Tzedec Board of Governors Election Results
Jun 5th 2016

A Message from the President

To the Members of Beth Tzedec Congregation:

It is my pleasure to advise the membership that the election results are now final. The following are the names of the successful candidates who have been elected to Beth Tzedec Congregation's Board of Governors for a two-year term:

Gary Elman
Ilene Flatt
Leonard Gangbar (new)
Ava Kanner (new)
Karen Hersh
David Matlow (new)
Debbie Rothstein
Dr. Sheldon Rotman
Alan Sless
Cecile Zaifman (new)

In particular, I want to welcome the four new members, as noted above, who will be serving their first term as a Governor. A record number of members cast ballots and gave proxies to fellow members in this election. Your commitment to the process demonstrates the concern you have for our Kehillah kedoshah, our sacred congregation, and its future. I thank everyone who participated in the election, particularly the candidates, their families and the scrutineers.

Members were also asked to consider a by-law change to increase our borrowing limit from $1M to $5M. The purpose of this change was to minimize costs related to building renovations. While there were 736 votes in favour of the change and 479 opposed, by-law changes require a two-thirds majority and so the borrowing limit will remain as is. There were some suggestions made at the AGM related to this issue, and the Board will consider those ideas.


S. Blake Teichman,