Beth Tzedec Congregation Stands with Israel
Oct 8th 2023

Dear Beth Tzedec community,
Libi B'mizrach Ani B'sof Hama'arav
My heart is in the East, I am in the West.

We’ve all been watching the horror unfolding in Israel following Hamas’ unconscionable terror attack. Our hearts are broken as we stand in solidarity with Israel. As the death, injured, and kidnapped toll mounts, inevitably, many of us who have family and friends in Israel will feel this on a personal level.

All of us are feeling it on a communal level. In traumatic moments such as this, we wonder ‘what can we do?’ We answer as follows.

Our task is to comfort Israel and those immediately impacted, to provide support so that Israel has the resources it needs to both comfort its citizens and ensure their safety and security, and we need to advocate to ensure that Canada is standing by its ally, Israel.

And in the public square, we ensure that our Canadian neighbours have accurate and factual information so that they understand the moral imperative to support Israel at this time.

Finally, we pray for the victims, for the immediate release of the captives, and for the protection of the IDF and the state of Israel. And we pray for peace.
Here’s how you can help.

  1. Attend the community rally at Mel Lastman Square at 7:00 p.m. on Monday evening. To make it possible for our community to attend, Minẖah will be at 4:30 p.m. in person and by Zoom and Ma'ariv will be by Zoom only at 9:30 p.m. As this is a crisis, we will constitute a minyan on Zoom by having ten participants showing their faces and unmuting their microphones. 
  2. Donate to the Beth Tzedec Victims of Terror Fund. One hundred percent of all donations will be forwarded to the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Victims of Terror. Please click HERE to donate or call the office beginning Tuesday morning (416-781-3511).
  3. Contact your elected officials and let them know that you stand with Israel, and expect them to do so as well. 
  4. Click HERE for a prayer composed by the Israeli Rabbinical Assembly and the Masorti Movement that responds to this terrifying moment.

Should you want or be in need of personal comfort or care please reach out to any member of our Spiritual Leadership Team. We are here to support each other as we support Israel.
ברך את מדינת ישראל. Bareh Et Medinat Yisrael. May God bless Israel.
עם ישראל חי. Am Yisrael Chai. The people and the nation of Israel shall endure.


Rabbi Steven Wernick
Senior Rabbi, Beth Tzedec Congregation

In his Shabbat sermon on Shemini Atzeret, Rabbi Wernick reflected on the current events in Israel. To view his sermon, please click here>>