Beth Tzedec Security Protocols
Beth Tzedec
Oct 10th 2023

While there is no evidence of any related threats to Beth Tzedec or in the GTA, we will be amending our Security protocols for the safety of our members, guests, staff and RHA students.  Key highlights include:

  1. Entry to and exit from the synagogue will continue to be exclusively through the rear entry doors off the parking lot.
  2. Our security staff will be augmented and entry protocols will shift to High Holy Day mode:
    • ​All bags will be checked for staff and visitors alike.
    • You will be asked what your purpose is in visiting the shul and you may be asked to show ID as well. 
  3. All other entry/exit doors will continue to be closed, locked and alarmed.
  4. Beth Tzedec is equipped with dozens of CCTV cameras monitoring inside and outside the building, all of which are monitored by our 24/7 security.
  5. We remain in constant contact with UJA Security Community and Toronto Police who visit the shul regularly on their patrols. 

We will continue to work side-by-side with RHA to ensure our respective security protocols are aligned.