Beth Tzedec Security Update
Beth Tzedec
Oct 13th 2023

Ensuring Our Security, Safeguarding Our Community

Our community is increasingly under threat, given the uptick in antisemitism and anti-Israelism that is being experienced worldwide and here in Toronto.

In our ongoing commitment to your safety, we want to update you on the enhanced measures we are taking here at Beth Tzedec.

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Current Security Features

Over the years, we've invested in several security features to create a secure environment for our community, including:

  • Secured Doors: Throughout the entire building.
  • Bullet-Resistant Glass: Ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • Security Cameras: Over several dozen strategically placed for optimal coverage.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Vigilant oversight to address any potential concerns.

Recent Upgrades

Given the significant increases we have upgraded two vital areas:

1. Security Personnel:

Our protocols for individuals entering the property and the perimeter have been enhanced. While specifics remain confidential, we've increased security personnel to elevate patrols and conduct thorough bag checks for everyone entering. Additionally, off-duty officers from the Toronto Police Services are now present during Shabbat and major gatherings.

2. Infrastructure Upgrades:

Immediate upgrades include enhancing our technology and internal public address system (PA) to fortify the building against potential intruders, enabling swift and secure lockdown procedures.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, we are planning major upgrades as part of our near-future redevelopment. We are actively seeking Federal infrastructure and security grants. However, the congregation will be responsible for 50% of these costs. We are committed to keeping you informed as these matters progress.

How You Can Help

To support these critical security measures, please donate to our Emergency Security Fund. Your contribution directly impacts the safety and security of our Beth Tzedec family.
Your safety has always been our top priority, and these measures are critical to maintaining our congregation’s security. We appreciate your ongoing support as we work together to ensure Beth Tzedec remains a haven for all.

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Your Safety Matters
Thank you for being an integral part of our community.