Beth Tzedec Stands in Solidarity with Chabad of Poway
Beth Tzedec
Apr 28th 2019

To the Members of the Beth Tzedec Family:

Once again, our community in the midst of our holiday celebrations has been shocked by violence. As we gathered to enjoy the company of our families and friends, again a Beit Tefillah, a house of prayer, has been desecrated during Yom Tov observance. 
We share the pain and stand together with Chabad of Poway, outside San Diego, as well as all Jews and members of other faith communities threatened by violence and hatred. We will not be deterred from attending our prayer services and davening together with members of our Kehillah.

CIJA—the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs—has been in touch with local and national authorities and reports that there is no elevated threat to our community. Nonetheless, we all must remain vigilant and take measured steps to keep our people and our building safe. 
In the past few months, we have strengthened our existing security, including limiting access to our building to the west parking lot doors. We regret the inconvenience to our members; however, the reality of our world has necessitated this change. We will continue to review our protocols and to act on input from those who are specialists in this regard.
While our hearts and prayers are with the community of Poway, we remind all to keep eyes open to individuals and circumstances around the building and remind all that “if you see something, say something”. 

Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl, Rabbi Steve Wernick, 
Sheldon Rotman, Debbie Rothstein, Randy Spiegel