Celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut at Beth Tzedec
Beth Tzedec
May 15th 2013

Beth Tzedec families celebrated Israel @ 65 with a trip back in time to experience the magic moments
of each decade since the creation of the Modern State of Israel in 1948. The exciting events helped inspire fun activities for children to expand their knowledge about Israel and grow their love for our homeland.

How did we relive Israel over the last 65 years?

  • 1940s—Israel celebrated Independence and became the Modern State of the Jewish people. We celebrated by designing our own version of the Israeli flag.
  • 1950s—More and more Jews were immigrating to Israel from Arab countries. We made our own passports and helped form the Tzahal (IDF) with a fun army training obstacle course.
  • 1960s— The victory of the Six-Day War and the chance to once again visit the Kotel. Everyone wrote notes and put them in our “Beth Tzedec Kotel”. Lucky for us, Inbar (one of our shinshinim) will take the notes to Jerusalem and place them right in the Kotel.
  • 1970s— The decade of the best music in Israel. We listened to Naomi Shemer and other wonderful artists and held our own vote for which song was the greatest of the decade.
  • 1980s— The New Israeli Shekel. We played black jack and other card games and learned about all the new Israeli money. Winners were excited to take home their “winnings”. 1990s— The high tech era. Israel invented: voicemail, the USB key, the pillcam, and the cherry tomato!
  • 2000s— Israel finished creating the Shvil Yisrael, a wonderful hiking trail that connects Israel from the North to the South. This decade was a great time to celebrate Israeli nature and hear about the wonderful Israeli stories that are shared around campfires.

Today, our decade is all about having fun! Tel Aviv has been voted the number one city for young people. We celebrated Israel @ 65 with our own version of a beach party! Our Yom Ha’atzmaut continued the wonderful tikkun olam projects launched by our Families and Festivals Committee with a
campaign for the Lone Soldier Center in Israel. 

We found important items that the soldiers needed and we raised the money for The Lone Soldiers Center to buy these much needed supplies. If you would still like to make a donation towards this cause, please call Avital in the office at 416-781-3511.

Yom Ha’atzmaut is another one of Beth Tzedec’s family programs that are warm, inviting and fun for all kids and families. High school and middle school students love the experience of volunteering and helping to make the event fun for everyone. Join us for more family programs and Shabbat dinners next year!