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Sep 15th 2020

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When many of us are feeling isolated and disconnected from one another, Small Groups arean opportunity to build new relationships and connect monthly with other Beth Tzedec members over a shared goal, project or interest. 

What: BT Small Groups consist of  8-15 people meeting monthly on Zoom from October to June to discuss a topic or engage in an activity that is of particular interest to YOU. We are excited to launch 15 diverse groups to choose from in our inaugural year. There is no charge to join a Beth Tzedec Small Group.

Who: Led by a fellow Beth Tzedec member, BT Small Groups are made up of mostly BT members. Group members are asked to commit to attending all 9 meetings. 

Where: Due to COVID-19, groups willmeet over Zoomuntil such time as it makes sense from a public health perspective to meet in each other’s homes or communal spaces.

Why: To learn, laugh and develop meaningful relationships that deepen connections to other members, to Judaism and to Beth Tzedec, while engaging in activities that are important to YOU.

When: Member registration opens on Monday, September 14, with non-member registration opening on Wednesday, September 30. See individual group descriptions which will detail the monthly day/time for group meetings. Group Leaders and members will schedule the exact meeting dates together. Groups will meet from October to June, at which point the group members will decide how to proceed. The deadline to join a Beth Tzedec Small Group is Friday, October 9. 

If you have questions or need support in registering for a Small Group, contact:
Klara Romm
416-781-3514, ext. 220

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Available Small Groups

20s and 30s Art Space

This small group for 20s and 30s will explore different creative mediums which will be enhanced through group discussions. We will engage participants within a creative and collaborative environment through an online experience that will include painting, writing, idea sharing and storytelling.

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Art Exploration

Covering a unique theme each month, this class will help you discover what truly inspires you. With a hands-on approach, we will delve into the artistic process in new and exploratory ways.

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BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) Social Justice Book Club for 20s and 30s

BYOB: Bring Your Own Book, is a new social justice themed book club for Beth Tzedec 20s and 30s. This intimate Small Group will meet every other month to read a book and have a conversation about a pressing social issue. We'll read a mix of fiction and non-fiction and will engage in open, honest communication about the issue at hand.

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Caring for Family Members with Dementia

Looking to connect with other Beth Tzedec members who have the shared experience of having family members who live with dementia? This group will focus on sharing best practices, letting off steam and establishing a circle of care.

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Cookbook Club Challenge

This group is for members who enjoy cooking and are adventurous in the kitchen. Club members will suggest kosher or vegetarian recipes from their favourite cookbooks or from cookbooks they’ve been dying to try. Ingredient lists and recipes will be sent out in advance and members will cook together on Zoom. You’ll cook,kibbitz and create mouth-watering meals together, just like a supper club, without the onerous task of having to clean up after 12 guests!

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Cultural Heritage Tour, 65+

Join other seniors as we travel the world each month from the comfort of our homes for cultural tours of global museums and communities that reflect historic Jewish heritage.

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Earnestness and Irreverence: Finding God

Explore our own relationships and ideas of the divine through sources from the serious to the humorous. These discussions will ask you to bring and draw upon a variety of sources from Jewish texts to pop culture to explore images and roles of God in our own experiences. ​

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It's All in the Family: Genesis Study Group

Families are complicated. Develop a deeper understanding of our own relationships through the lens of the family dynamics of our foremothers and forefathers as they were also negotiating their covental relationship with God.

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Life in the Past Lane: Jewish Ancestry as a Spiritual Journey

Lorne Hanick, 15-year hobby genealogist, never ceases to be amazed by the discoveries he has made and the ones that are still hiding between the leaves on his family tree. Lorne will showcase some of these discoveries and the resources that are available for finding your roots.

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Living a Mindful Jewish Life; The Practice of Mussar

Through the study of Jewish texts, chanting, visualizations, meditations, journaling and sharing, we will cultivate the practice ofTikkun Middot(repairing our character traits) such as humility, patience, gratitude, generosity, compassion, trust and forgiveness.

This practice will enable us to discover our own individual spiritual curriculum. We will become more connected to our inner lives, our souls and better able to access all of our natural resources. We will grow and increase our potential for holiness andshlaymoot(wholeness) for ourselves, our community and the world. 

Mussar is a traditional Jewish path of spiritual development that leads to awareness, wisdom, and transformation.

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Multi-Generational Stitch Club

Are you tired of stitching solo? Looking for a new hobby to pass the quarantine? Join Stitch Club, Beth Tzedec's Small Group for needle artists of all ages and stages. Join with other creative needlepoint and cross stitch enthusiasts in our community to learn new skills, improve your craft and support one another. We will learn from each other and welcome outside experts to teach us about their craft.

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New-ish Jewish Parents

If you are a parent to a child aged 0-4 and are thinking about raising sweet and Jewishly-literate kids, this BT Small group is for you!

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Parenting Tweens and Teens

This group is for those who want to join forces with other parents as they navigate the complicated world of raising kind, caring and resilient Jewish teens and tweens.

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Reconsidering the Jewish Holidays

Many of us have a strong sense of the rituals of Jewish holidays. We light candles on Hannukah to remember the miracle of the oil or we eat matzah on Passover because the ancient Hebrews didn't have time for their bread to rise. But how many of us dive deeper into the religious, intellectual and spiritual meaning that is really driving these milestones in the Jewish calendar?

In this Beth Tzedec small group, we move beyond the "how to" approach to Jewish holidays by reading "The Jewish Way: Living the Holidays" by Rabbi Irving Greenberg. Together, we will probe more fundamental and personal questions around why we celebrate these holidays and how they connect us to the very core of the Jewish experience.

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Teens Painting (and Other Art) for a Purpose

Each month we will learn and develop an art skill, from watercolour painting to cross stitching to jewelry making and more. At the end of the year, each group member will select one of their favourite pieces to donate. Community service hours will be provided for the time spent creating this piece. Teens in grades 8-12 of all levels are welcome!

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