Mission Critical– Data Driven
Jan 1st 2014

As we turn the page on 2013, we begin the planning cycle for programs to be launched next September. Part of our process involves gathering data on attendance. Usually the first indicator of satisfaction, compiling the many snapshots of how many came to what, provides a picture of the usage of our building and its place in the community.

A Community Destination for Jewish Living, active 24/7/365, we deliver the Congregation’s mission using local and renowned teachers and experts, framed by Jewish values. Our delivery system is built on four programming pillars: spiritual, educational, cultural and social.

Our spiritual programs, or prayer services, bring people into the Sanctuary, Chapel and other sacred prayer spaces. Through words and music, prayer affords a personal and communal opportunity to reflect, give thanks and build a relationship with God and the Jewish people. Our shul’s rabbis and cantors, as well as other resources, such as teachers and books, help provide insight and inspiration that guide us in our spiritual journey.

Twice daily, every day, people come to Beth Tzedec to pray together, giving each other strength, support and the intangible feeling of “community”. Within the structure of prayer, our team of clergy look at ways to make the services positive spiritual experiences. Feedback from congregants and leadership provides our klei kodesh with insights to encourage more people to come to synagogue. Daily Minyan, Shabbat, ˙Haggim and, of course, the High Holy Days all bring members of Beth Tzedec and members of the community into our home. With our use of the SynaplexTM model of providing several service options on any given Shabbat morning, an estimated 45,000 individuals have attended our services this year.

Our educational, cultural and social programs represent the three additional pillars. Our annual Program Guide, our website  and our upcoming newThe Week Ahead e-newsletter collectively highlight more than 300 amazing opportunities for you to experience Beth Tzedec. Committed to creating programs for many different constituencies, our team works closely together, making speakers and teachers accessible and attractive across the age spectrum. From our Mishpacha program for toddlers and caregivers; to youth, family or young professionals’ social events; to classes and lectures; to book and film reviews; to introspective workshops for seniors; and to a Jewish museum that welcomes a group nearly every week, this past year we attracted more than 17,500 participants, many of whom are happy “repeat customers”.

As a “community destination”, our 11 different venue options are attractive to groups from 3 to 3000. We are a venue of choice for sma˙hot, family gatherings, life cycle events, business meetings and community and organizational events. During 2013, Beth Tzedec played host to over 150 events, bringing an estimated 22,000 people into our building, many using the outstanding services of our in-house caterer, Applause Catering. Beth Tzedec also houses a terrific gym, providing an opportunity for members of the community, five nights a week, to play sports under our roof.

Finally, for more than 180 days a year, 400+ children, teachers, parents and visitors of the Robbins Hebrew Academy come through our doors, and they too call Beth Tzedec “home”.

In one way or another, this year alone, there have been as many as 150,000 visitors to Beth Tzedec. What a truly wonderful year it has been!

I want to thank the members of our kehillah, our community, who have shared their thoughts and concerns, have made financial commitments to sponsor lectures, breakfasts and special events, and who have provided me with guidance and advice. I also want to applaud and thank the scores of volunteers and my staff team who perform their functions expertly, with spirit and with Jewish purpose.

I hope you will continue to support Beth Tzedec and, as you think about what you hope to accomplish in 2014, that you will frame those goals through the lens of Jewish life. Whether through prayer or through programs, we can help make your experiences fulfilling and meaningful.

Please contact me and together we can discuss ways you can achieve your philanthropic goals, recognize or honour a loved one and help grow Beth Tzedec for the future. May we go from strength to strength.