Panim el Panim—Face to Face: High Holy Day Reader and Photo Book Submissions
Beth Tzedec
Jun 15th 2021

What makes the High Holy Days at Beth Tzedec so remarkable is that they truly are a community celebration. Not only are we coming together to pray and celebrate, but we use the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, break bread with our families and volunteer our time and energy to make the season special.

This year, no matter what the Holy Days look like, we want to capture that feeling of panim el panim, being face to face with our loved ones and our kehillah.

So share and connect with our community by contributing your creative work to our annual HHD Reader or our first-ever Face to Face photo book. Whether we celebrate the High Holy Days in person or online, sharing your selfies, stories and experiences over the last year will allow us to rejoice in being panim el panim for the High Holy Days and the year to come.

Click on the links above to submit your creative pieces or contact Linda Marleny Dow at