Psalm 27 - From: Opening to You: Zen-Inspired Translations of the Psalms
Beth Tzedec
Aug 25th 2023

by Norman Fischer

You are my light and my help
                 Whom should I fear?

You are the fortress of my life
                 Who should I dread?

When the narrow ones gather their strength to 
devour me

                It is they who stumble and fall
Even if a royal army were camped outside my gate
                 My heart would not fear
And when they struck out with terrible weapons
         Against me
                        Even then I'd trust

One thing I ask for, one thing I hope---
            To live in your house
            All the days of my life
            To behold your loveliness
            Every morning in the light of your temple

Till on a doomful day
You secure me in your precincts
Conceal me within the folds of your covering tent
Place me high and safe upon a rock
My head lifed above the engulfng waves

With the joy of my heart
I will sacrifce
Within that billowing shelter
Singing and playing my abandonment to you
Hear my voice when I raise it up
Be gracious--answer me--
Speaking with your voice my heart sang,
Seek my presence

I will

Do not hide your glowing face from me
Do not reject me in anger because of my shortcomings
You have always been for me
Don't cast me of now, don't walk away
My helper, my friend

My mother and father forsake me
But you take me up
Show me the way!
Guide my steps on the clear path
Against the ever-present clifs and thickets
Protect me from the noise of desire and hatefulness
From false words and shouted accusations

If I did not have faith in your rightness
That it would bloom in this living land--
It is unthinkable

I wait only for you
With strength and good courage--

I wait only for you