Shirat HaHodesh: Matanot Ktanot (December 2022)
Beth Tzedec
Dec 9th 2022

Each month, our shinshinit Amit Mizrachi will share an Israeli song to inspire, engage and entertain us as we get ready to usher in Shabbat.

December 2022

“Matanot Ktanot - little presents” by the incredibly talented Israel artist Rami Kleinstein is the perfect song for Shabbat, 

It describes perfectly the atmosphere of Shabbat in Israel the way I see it and feel it. It also reminds us of the simple and beautiful little things in life, and to be thankful and grateful for those things things. 

This is also the month of Hanukkah. Hanukkah is all about light and hope, and this song is a very optimistic and hopeful one, so I hope you’ll like and enjoy it, 

  • To hear "Matanot Ktanot", please click HERE.
  • A copy of the lyrics—both in Hebrew and English—can be downloaded HERE
—Amit Mizrachi