Where Tomorrow Begins Today
Jan 17th 2016

They say that all good stories start with "Once upon a time”, so here is my short story for today: 

Once upon a time two downtown synagogues, part of a budding Jewish community bursting with potential, decided it was time to come together and grow up—moving north. It was time to expand their vision and create a future filled with promise and potential as an integral part of the fabric of Toronto and Canadian life. Sixty years ago, Beth Tzedec Congregation was born at 1700 Bathurst Street, and every day we restate our commitment as a leading voice of Conservative Judaism, providing opportunities for Judaic growth and exploration. Pioneers in their own right, volunteers and contributors from those original congregations and Beth Tzedec today fulfill our mandate and chart new pathways for the future of the Jewish people. Our leaders, like those of yesteryear, reflect, assess and build a congregation for tomorrow. To paraphrase from the Talmud (Sotah 49a), as our mothers and fathers have done before us, so do we do for those who will come after us. 

For all of our 60 years, our members have followed in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, dedicating both the time and finances necessary to keep our congregation strong. They planted the seeds to see a shul grow and flourish. Now it is our turn. Each of us can do our part to build the Beth Tzedec of Tomorrow by making a gift to your synagogue today. 

There are many ways you can help support this vision for you, your family and your community. On a yahrtzeit, consider making a memorial contribution in the name of your loved one to one of the synagogue’s many funds—or start a fund of your own. Recognize a simẖah or good fortune by making a gift to our Capital Fund and help speed along the renovation program to make your home better fit the needs of a new generation. Become a “Friend of Beth Tzedec” and help sustain our more than 200 programs, bringing top educators and lecturers to our community. Join the many leaders who have invested in Beth Tzedec and launch an Endowment Fund that will provide for a special project in perpetuity. 

The future for our Congregation—our youth, 20s and 30s, families and older adults—is very promising. Beth Tzedec leads the way in providing for the spiritual and cultural needs for our members with our rabbis and cantors always here to help. Our professional “family” is standing by to help you plan a sim˙ hah, meeting or special event. You can count on us to help you join the great leaders of the Toronto community by investing in Beth Tzedec as we work today and build for tomorrow. 

For information on how you can join the winning team and make a contribution to Beth Tzedec, please contact me at 416-781-3514 ext. 211 or by email at