Beth Tzedec Calendar

Little Minyan Service IN-PERSON. Not Livestreamed.

Jan 21st 2023 9:30am

Jan 21 2023 09:30AM - 12:00PM in the Orenstein Mezzanine Hall
NOTE: This service has already occurred.

For those looking to be more actively involved in the worship experience, the Little Minyan offers a traditional service in a welcoming, relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. Participants lead portions of the service, read Torah and Haftarah, and share Torah insights. Torah readers, daveners, and those wishing to give a D’var Torah are always welcome and are offered skills, support and encouragement. Contact Cantor Sidney or Lorne Hanick for mp3 files to learn to lead or sing along with the service. Come to participate or simply to experience a Shabbat morning service full of song, spirit and warmth.

The Little Minyan will be meeting on these upcoming dates.  Please join us!

Saturday January 21, Vaeira

Saturday February 4, Beshallah, SHABBAT SHIRAH

Saturday February 25, Terumah

Saturday March 11, Ki Tissa, SHABBAT PARAH

Saturday March 25, Vayikra

Saturday April 15, Shemini

Saturday April 29, Aharei Mot-Kedoshim

Saturday May 13, Behar-Behukotai

Saturday May 20, Bemidbar

Saturday June 3, Naso

Saturday June 17, Shelah Lekha