Embroidery Project: Support Peace of Mind and Help Rebuild Kibbutz Be’eri

with the Mezuza Mamas

May 08 2024, 7:00PM to 9:00PM in the Off - Site.
NOTE: This event has already occurred.

This program will be held at the Forest Hill Jewish Centre (360 Spadina Road)

Kibbutz Be'eri was amongst the hardest-hit
kibbutzim during the massacre of October 7. They are building 270 new homes so people displaced after October 7 can return. While no words, or actions can provide proper relief to those affected by the massacre and the destruction, the objective is to send a package of 270 mezuzot along with a financial gift to support them as they rebuild. The goal is to raise $36,000 for the 6 new kindergartens that need books and toys.

We hope you can join us at the Forest Hill Jewish Centre (360 Spadina Rd., Toronto) to embroider a mezuza and help us collect much needed funds towards Kibbutz Be'eri's rebuilding. The mezuzot will serve as a reminder of the bonds that unite us, and the prayers we send to our brothers and sisters in Israel. The money collected will buy books and toys for the new kindergartens. If you cannot attend, you can still be part of this amazing initiative by either organizing your own embroidery circle* (with our support and guidance), or by sponsoring a mezuza to be embroidered by us.

Cost: $120. Register at www.fjhc.ca/mezuzot.

Peace of Mind is a transformative nine-month therapeutic intervention that offers a profound healing experience for IDF veterans. Jewish communities worldwide play a key role in providing a safe, quiet, and supportive environment for one week where the participants can process their trauma away from the pressures of daily life in Israel.

Three of Peace of Mind’s participants were directly affected by the October massacre: Alon Gat, who was kidnapped along with his wife, Yarden, and their daughter. You may have read about Yarden's capture and Alon's escape. Another participant, Shahar Tzemach, was murdered while defending the Kibbutz, and Gal Godard, a potato farmer, has lost his parents and now lacks a livelihood for his family.

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