Hametz Burning

Apr 05 2023, 10:00AM to 10:30AM in the Parking Lot.
NOTE: This event has already occurred.

Join us in the Beth Tzedec parking lot burning of your ẖametz with members of our Spiritual Leadership. Be sure to bring bits of ẖametz to add to the fire!

There are four ways we fulfil the Biblical mitzvah of ridding ourselves of ẖametz before Pesaẖ: 

  • we clean our homes; 
  • we burn any remaining crumbs; 
  • we verbally declare that any ẖametz in our possession is worthless and no longer owned by us; 
  • and to ensure that there is no question about our intent to remove ẖametz from our possession, we sell our ẖametz to non-Jews who may own leavened products on Passover. 

If you are unable to personally sell your hametz, please complete this form no later than 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 4. 

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Lorne Hanick
No charge
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