Welcome to Beth Tzedec Small Groups!

Registration is now open.


We are excited for our 2023-2024 year of Beth Tzedec Small Groups. Beth Tzedec Small Groups are an opportunity to connect with other Beth Tzedec members over a shared goal, project or interest. Registration is now open for Beth Tzedec members to join a Small Group. 

BT Small Groups are not just a 'program'. They are a way to commit to a new peer group and learn, explore and build community together.


BT Small Groups consist of  8 to 15 people meeting on Zoom or in person from October to June to discuss a topic or engage in an activity that is of particular interest to YOU.


Led by a fellow Beth Tzedec member, BT Small Groups are made up of mostly BT members. Group members are asked to commit to attending regularly. 


Some groups will meet over Zoom, others will plan to meet in person, while some will be hybrid (at times in person and at times on Zoom). Check the description carefully to see the leader’s plan.


To learn, laugh and develop meaningful relationships that deepen connections to other members, to Judaism and to Beth Tzedec while engaging in activities that are important to YOU.


Member registration is now open, with non-member registration opening in September. Group Leaders and members will schedule the exact meeting dates together. Most groups will meet monthly from October to June, while others may meet more regularly. See individual group descriptions which will detail the day/time and frequency of group meetings. 


To register for a Small Group, click on its title to be linked to the information and registration page. Groups will be listed as Zoom, in person or hybrid (at times in person and at times on Zoom). 


Wise Aging: A Year of Contemplative Inspiration
Led by Dana Solnik
Tuesdays, monthly at 11:00 am

Ess Gezunterheit! (Eat in good health!)
Led by Judy Libman
Thursdays, weekly at 4:00 pm (via Zoom)

B-Fit: An Interactive Wellness Small Group for Boomer Women
Led by Donna Cohen

20s AND 30s

Advancing Your Career
Led by Norman Bacal and Naomi Kramer
Tuesdays, monthly at 7:30 pm 

Between the Lines: Social Justice Book Club for 20s & 30s
Led by Allie Cuperfain
Mondays, monthly at 7:30 pm

Havurat H̱odesh: A Rosh H̱odesh Group
Led by Cantor Audrey Klein and Orly Fruchter
Tuesdays, monthly at 7:30 pm 

Interfaith Families for Couples and Families
Led by Jeremy Spira and Bianca Canavae
Weekday evenings

Jewish Couplehood
Led by Yacov Fruchter
Thursdays, monthly at 7:30 pm

Perfect Jewish Parents Eat Ice Cream
Led by Leah Mauer and Naomi Kramer


Chapters for Change: A Social Action Book Club
Led by Bari Zittell
Mondays, monthly at 7:30 pm

Chug Ivrit: Conversational Hebrew Group
Led by David Golden
Thursdays, monthly at 8:00 pm

Putzing Around with Jewish/Israeli Podcasts
Led by Heski Bar-Isaac
Wednesdays, monthly at 7:30 pm

The Tribes of Israel: A Video Lecture Series from the Shalom Hartman Institute
Led by Steven Margles
Tuesdays, monthly at 7:30 pm

Led by Bonnie Greenberg
Fridays, monthly at 1:00 pm (Zoom)