Writings from the Rabbis

Memory and Blessing: Opening Remarks ~ Israel Memorial Day Program ~ 17 April 2018 / 3 Iyar 5778
Apr 19th 2018

On this evening of memory,  on behalf of the leadership of Beth Tzedec, we welcome bereaved families and the entire Toronto community with the hope that the memories of those who have fallen to secure and sustain the State of Israel will be recalled with dignity and honour, respect and love.

Many members of our city have seen children and other family members serve in the Israel Defence Forces. From the early years of the State, we have shared losses, just as we have faced challenges and celebrated accomplishmentswith citizens of Israel.

I hope that you will be privileged to retain memories that will bring you blessing, as Raheli Frenkel - whose son Naftali, was one of three boys kidnapped and murdered in June 2014, explained, “On Yom Hazikaron … we mention our loved ones, the joy and the smiles, so they will keep living among us. Our mission is to make life better, thanks to them.”

Rahel, the Hebrew poet, expressed a similar idea in her poem “A Sad Melody — Will You Hear My Voice?” 

Will you hear my voice my far-away one?Will you hear my voice where-ever you are? A voice calling with strength, crying in my blood.Over time, it sends a blessing.