Writings from the Rabbis

Solidarity Rally in Jerusalem
Jul 28th 2014

In the midst of this challenging time, we all want to know how we can help Israel.

I'll be travelling to Israel on Monday with a number of Canadian Parliamentarians for special briefings and visits to affected areas in the south of Israel. The mission is organized by CIJA. I am pleased to join with our congregant, former Senator Jerry Grafstein, who has worked with CIJA and JNF to organize a solidarity gathering for Wednesday in Jerusalem. Please share this with Canadians living in Israel and anyone who might be visiting.

Rav Adam returned from his studies at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem on Sunday, July 27. After spending the past month in Israel, he'll have much to share with the congregation next Shabbat. Plan to be in shul.

Also, please consider a donation to the UJA emergency campaign.