Holocaust Remembrance: Beth Tzedec Volunteers Deliver Shoah Yellow Candles to 2,200 Members
May 3rd 2024

Every year, Beth Tzedec undertakes a poignant tradition to commemorate Yom HaShoah through its annual Shoah Yellow Candle initiative. This deeply meaningful project, a collaborative effort of the entire congregation, involves volunteers in a hands-on initiative that reaches every corner of the Beth Tzedec community.

Led by Beth Tzedec member, Adam Rachlin, Chair of the program, and supported by dozens of dedicated volunteers, the Shoah Yellow Candle campaign is a testament to the collective commitment to Holocaust remembrance.

"This is a tradition at Beth Tzedec that happens every year,” says Adam. “More than ever, people have to be aware of the Holocaust and the tragedies the Jewish people have suffered. We are all touched by people who have perished – in past and current times – simply for for being Jews."

Holocaust remembrance serves as a unifying factor for all members of the Jewish community, especially with the ongoing Middle East conflict and the accompanying worldwide emergence of Antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments. The Yellow Candle campaign not only honors the memory of the six million Jewish victims but also reaffirms the resilience and strength of the Jewish people in the face of adversity.

This annual initiative is more than just a project—it's a sacred duty and a powerful symbol of solidarity and remembrance. Each year, volunteers from Beth Tzedec come together to deliver Yellow Candles to 2,200 households within the congregation. This hands-on approach ensures that every member of the community receives a candle, fostering a sense of connection and unity.

As Adam explains, "This is also a fundraiser for Beth Tzedec. There's an envelope in each candle bag self-addressed from them to the shul. We bring a candle to every Beth Tzedec member that we can possibly deliver to.”  

The personal touch of delivering the candles directly to households adds a moving layer to the initiative, emphasizing the importance of reaching out and connecting with each member of the congregation on a personal level.

Through the dedication and collaboration of volunteers, Beth Tzedec's Yellow Candle campaign continues to shine a light on the importance of Holocaust remembrance. In a world where anti-Semitism and bigotry still exist, this annual tradition serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of standing together and never forgetting the lessons of the past.

To volunteer for Beth Tzedec’s Yellow Candle program, please contact Klara Romm at

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