Journeys of Not Knowing: The Week's End July 14, 2023
Jul 14th 2023

As we end the book of Bamidbar (Numbers), there is a continued theme of the vulnerable Children of Israel wandering through the desert. We get this sense that they are becoming more and more comfortable with sitting with the unknown and also working on the skill of asking questions when we are unsure. Here we see an essential tool that Ryla and I are also constantly supporting our children through: the art of asking and advocating calmly for themselves. 

The Daughters of Tzlofchad, who appear again this week, flexed their muscles and their rights, wanting to inherit their father's portion of the land in Israel. Moshe turns to God for an answer after he is stumped by the sister's request. I am moved by the holy hutzpa (courage) of these five women, and by Moshe's humility to say: I don't know.

I hope this summer includes an opportunity for each of you to push your boundaries, ask questions, explore and experience some adventure.

All journeys have hidden destinations of which the traveler is unaware. - Martin Buber

Shabbat Shalom!