Mishna Peah 1:1 ~ The Week's End, Shavuot Edition ~ 25 May 2023
May 25th 2023

These are the deeds for which there is no prescribed measure: leaving crops at the corner of the field for the poor, offering first fruits (bikurim) as a git to the Temple, bringing special offerings to the Temple on the three Festivals, doing deeds of lovingkindness and studying Torah.

One of the biblical names for the holiday of Shavuot is Yom Habikurim, the day of offering our first fruits. The mishnah above that we include in our daily morning prayers, makes the connection between, acts of tzedakah & hesed (charity & deeds of loving kindness), gratitude for all that physically sustains us, studying Torah and coming together as community. 

It feels fitting as such, to highlight and show gratitude on Shavuot to some of the hundreds of our "first fruits", those who are living their Torah through the way that they volunteer within the Beth Tzedec community. While the ways that contribute each differ, it is the cumulative effect of all these actions which sustains our community. 

As the mishnah describes, we can never have too many volunteers. As we share our gratitude, through the Yasher Koach Awards for those being recognized on Shabbat, we also use this as an opportunity to invite you to reach out to Klara so that we can help you find the most meaningful way for you to get involved.