Shirat HaHodesh: Lev Hofshi (April 2023)
Beth Tzedec
Mar 31st 2023

For the month of April, I got inspired by the upcoming holiday Pesaẖ, or in it׳s other name—H̱ag haHeirut—and decided, that the song I’ll choose for this month will be about freedom. 

The song “Lev Hofshi” by the Israeli artist Mooki is a beautiful song that talks about freedom, new beginnings and letting go of your past, of being happy with the things that surrounds you. 

I hope you’ll like the song and wish you a very happy month full of freedom! 

  • To hear "Lev Hofshi", please click HERE.
  • A copy of the lyrics—both in Hebrew and English—can be downloaded HERE.

—Amit Mizrachi