Men's Club

Beth Tzedec Men's Club is proud of its commitment to Beth Tzedec and its programs: Shabbatot, gifts to newlyweds and b'nei mitzvah, congregational breakfast programs, the Torah Fund, the Museum and the Library, Beth Tzedec's AIDS Committee, the Hesed Committee and Out of the Cold program, the Congregational School, the Jules Surdin Fund, Adult Jewish Learning courses, concerts and Hanukah programmes, the Beth Tzedec Education Fund, Camp Ramah and Robbins Hebrew Academy. Our ability to assist with these endeavors stems from our Hanukah and Yom HaShoa Candles programs and the support of our congregants.

Yom HaShoa Candles

Our Yom HaShoa Candle Program helps keep alive the memories of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. It is modeled after the traditional yahrzeit memorial candle, which burns for twenty-four hours during periods of mourning and on the anniversary of the death of a family member. The candle's yellow wax and symbol depicting a Jewish star and strand of barbed wire serve to remind us of the yellow arm band which Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi regime. The photo on the candle showing youngsters departing a concentration camp emphasizes the importance of teaching our youth the lessons of the Holocaust, and of remembering the Six Million.

The Yom HaShoa Candle Program is one of the most highly regarded of our programs. Not only does it build awareness of the Holocaust, it enables our Men's Club to provide scholarships and meaningful services and programs to our congregation and community. Through this program, the FJMC has also established an international scholarship fund called ''From Darkness into Light.'' It is available to students of USY groups to help offset the cost of attending the USY Poland or Eastern Europe/Israel Seminar.

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To volunteer for this significant program, please call the Beth Tzedec office at 416-781-3511.