Answering the Syrian Refugee Crisis
By: Yacov Fruchter
Sep 18th 2015
Since June 2015 Beth Tzedec Congregation has been in discussions with JIAS (Jewish Immigration Aid Services) Toronto about sponsoring a refugee family from Syria.We have committed to sponsor one family of four at a cost of $30,000. This figure helps to cover basic needs and start-up costs of refugees during their first 12 months in Canada. We need your help to move forward. In order to...
Creating Intimacy in Numbers
By: Yacov Fruchter
Sep 11th 2015
The18th century rabbi and mystic Yisroel ben Eliezer, lovingly known as the Ba'al Shem Tov, referred to the Jewish people as a living Torah. He explained that a Torah that is missing even just one letter is considered pasul, invalid, and no longer fit to be used until it is corrected. Similarly, if even one Jewish person feels like an outsider, unwelcome and not part of our collective...
Approaching the Starting Line to a New Year
By: Daniel Silverman
Sep 11th 2015
During the recent PanAm Games here in Toronto, I attended my first-ever swimming and track and field competitions. Both were a lot of fun and a great way to spend a morning, and it also marked the first time I got to cheer on Canadian athletes in person. At each event, there was something that I had never experienced before. Prior to a race starting, when the starter called the...
A Space of One's Own
By: Rabbi Adam Cutler
Sep 11th 2015
Since the beginning of my tenure at Beth Tzedec in 2009, without fail, I have visited Camp Ramah in Canada every summer and the approximately 60 campers and staff for whom Beth Tzedec is their shul. Beth Tzedec is one of the camp’s founding synagogues and we maintain a very strong relationship with the camp to this day. I must admit, though, that I make the four and half hour...
By: Randy Spiegel
Sep 11th 2015
It is a game we all played as children to teach the parts of the body and to demonstrate movement. We laugh and revel in the performance of the child who has no limitations. The new parent cannot imagine anything less than a “perfect” child, however unrealistic that may be. As we age, we all face challenges that require attention, be they visual, auditory, physical or otherwise; if you...
Syrian Refugee Program - A New Fund
By: Beth Tzedec
Sep 11th 2015
In answer to the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, Beth Tzedec Congregation has established the Syrian Refugee Program. This new fund will help us to provide food, shelter and support to a Syrian family being resettled in Toronto, and is offered as part of a larger Toronto, JIAS and international initiative. Donations can be made through the Synagogue office by calling 416-781-3511 or...
What Do You Think about our Sanctuary Plans?
By: S. Blake Teichman
Sep 11th 2015
I want to devote this column almost exclusively  to soliciting your comments on our proposed renovation plans for the Sanctuary so that I may receive your feedback. [In my September 2015 Bulletin article on page 5] are two renderings of what we are considering. As I reported in the Bulletin this past February, we propose raising the Sanctuary floor to the level of the foyer, thereby...
Beth Tzedec Introduces a New Mahzor for the High Holy Days
By: Beth Tzedec
Sep 11th 2015
Mahzor Lev ShalemThis year, as Beth Tzedec mark's its 60th anniversary, we introduce Maẖzor Lev Shalem, a completely updated prayer book for the High Holy Days.After an extensive examination of a variety of new prayer books, and with the recommendation of our klei kodesh (clergy), our Ritual Committee and Board of Governors enthusiastically endorsed Maẖzor Lev Shalem (A Whole Heart) to...
With a Whole Heart
By: Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl
Sep 1st 2015
This summer, I witnessed the bringing together of long separated art and spirit to restore a whole heart,לב שלם (lev shalem). I thought of the different paths our personal yearning for wholeness and healing may take: in the beauty of sea, sky and snow; the solitude of meditation; the activity of family celebration; exquisite moments of song and prayer. Just before the Fast of Av,...
Wanted: Old Photos and Footage
Jun 30th 2015
As part of a highlight event for Beth Tzedec Congregation's 60th Anniversary celebrations, Cantor Simon Spiro is compiling old photos and/or footage from member weddings, bar mitzvahs or other special events that took place at the synagogue. If you have items that could be included, please contact Cantor Spiro.
Strategic Planning Phase II - Focus Groups
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 18th 2015
Strategic Planning Focus Groups are now being scheduled to be held during the summer beginning in the last week of June. Share your vision of Beth Tzedec's future. We are looking for members interested in participating in a small-group structured conversation led by our facilitator, Christine Govern. Sessions will be held outside of Beth Tzedec and will last up to two...
Voices of Tomorrow Children's Choir
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 17th 2015
The Voices of Tomorrow Children's Choir is for kids who like to sing and have fun. This musical group sings with Cantor Simon Spiro and the Beth Tzedec Singers at several holiday services and performs in concerts at Beth Tzedec and in the community. It's a wonderful experience for children—and their parents enjoy it, too!For information about joining the Voices of Tomorrow, please contact...
Mishpacha Program Registration
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 9th 2015
Beth Tzedec’s Mishpacha program: Toddlers, Tunes and Treats (for children ages 1 to 3 with a parent, grandparent or caregiver) is now open for registration for the Fall and Winter sessions. Classes will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m., led by Tobie Seligman. Come play, sing and create arts & crafts around a different theme each week. To...
The Shavuot Ten Commandments
By: Aily Leibtag
May 27th 2015
Some ideas to help make Shavuot a fun time in your home!Crafts, recipes and discussions can go a long way to helping make Shavuot more meaningful for the whole family.Help your family recognize that Shavuot is coming. We count the Omer—the days between Passover and Shavuot. Make a family Omer counting chart and count it together at dinner time. On Shavuot, it is customary to eat dairy...
Connecting with Hebrew: Making Hebrew Meaningful
By: Daniel Silverman
May 27th 2015
I am not a fluent Hebrew speaker. Even with a career in Jewish education, a Master’s degree in Bible, a year spent living in Israel, eight other visits and thousands of hours in Hebrew class in elementary school, high school and university, I have not mastered the Hebrew language.  Sure, I can get by with the Hebrew I do know. I can hold my own in a conversation with an Israeli, I can...