How Good Are Your Tents: The Week's End, July 19, 2024
By: Yacov Fruchter
Jul 19th 2024
As I wrap up my month in Israel, I want to share with you two moments from this past week when Bilam’s accidental blessing of the Jewish people, “Ma Tovu Ohalecha Yakov - How good are your tents” came to life.Reb Steve and I joined hundreds of people in the Takhana Rishona on Sunday. The old Jerusalem train station was transformed into an open-air cultural centre, including incredible...
A Modern Connection to the Torah: The Week's End, July 12, 2024
By: Daniel Silverman
Jul 12th 2024
“When the Canaanite king of Arad… learned that Israel was coming… he engaged Israel in battle and took some of them captive.” (Numbers 21:1) This week’s Torah reading, Hukkat, discusses the Israelites’ journey through enemy territory as they prepared to enter the land of Israel. They wage war against those nations who do not permit them to pass through their land. The...
Letter from Israel for July 12, 2024 – 6 Tammuz 5784
By: Rabbi Steve Wernick
Jul 12th 2024
Chevre,It’s sometimes hard to believe that I have been learning at the Hartman Institute now for two weeks?! The Rabbinic Leadership Initiative Fellowship is intense. This summer’s themes are Jewish Peoplehood and Israel Today and Tomorrow. The days are long and the learning intense, but the scholarship is top notch, challenging, and inspiring. I feel especially blessed to be learning with a...
Beth Tzedec Membership Renewal is Underway
By: Beth Tzedec
Jul 5th 2024
Beth Tzedec Membership Office is Open!It's easier than ever for members to access, update and renew their membership online. Take a few moments to explore your member account HERE, confirm your information is correct and up-to-date and renew your commitment to Beth Tzedec.For those members under age 40, renew/reconfirm your NO-FEE Generations Membership HERE. (If you would like to...
Korach's Rebellion: The Week's End, July 5, 2024
By: Rev. Lorne Hanick
Jul 4th 2024
As I was looking at the story of Korach, it struck me that the one verb I would expect to see in this narrative does not appear at all: the Hebrew verb marad (to rebel). After all, we know this narrative as the rebellion of Korach. Nor does the noun Mered (rebel) appear in the story. The troublemakers “congregate” against Moses and Aaron, using the same verb and noun that we use for our...
Beth Tzedec Announces the Promotion of Brian Dias
By: Beth Tzedec
Jul 2nd 2024
Beth Tzedec Announces the Promotion of Brian Dias to the Role of Director, Property ServicesI am pleased to announce the promotion of Beth Tzedec’s long-time Property Manager, Brian Dias, to the position of Director, Property Services.In this role, Brian’s oversight of our physical plant will formally extend beyond the synagogue facility at 1700 Bathurst to include our houses and beautiful...
Voluntary Donations Options 2024
By: Beth Tzedec
Jul 2nd 2024
Voluntary Donation Options on Your StatementEach year, there are a number of voluntary contributions that we encourage members to make to support important programs and organizations:Beth Tzedec SisterhoodBeth Tzedec Men's ClubFamily Engagement FundUSCJTo learn more about each of these tax-receiptable opportunities, please click visit
Beth Tzedec Summer Bulletin
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 28th 2024
Beth Tzedec Bulletin - Summer EditionThe latest edition of the Beth Tzedec Bulletin is available for download. Let's celebrate, learn, pray and connect as a community with the many opportunities offered throughout our quarterly catalogue of programs, events and articles.Don't miss any of the news and opportunities, including:Beth Tzedec Israel Experience Trip (page 2);High Holy...
Learn the Dates: The Week's End, June 28, 2024
By: Cantor Audrey Klein
Jun 27th 2024
Learn the Dates The first anniversary of my mother’s death was two weeks ago today. Her first yahrzeit begins this Sunday at sundown. A few years ago, I attended a free seminar about grief and loss. While the session was open to the public, many in attendance were folks who work in “people-facing” fields—teachers, guidance counselors, doctors, nurses and clergy—hoping to...
2024/2025 Voluntary Contributions
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 26th 2024
Beth Tzedec is proud to partner with groups and projects that support our values. When you make your annual membership contribution, we encourage you to consider supporting these important organizations and initiatives.MEN'S CLUB: $36.00The Beth Tzedec Men's Club is committed to supporting our community, sponsoring exciting programs, courses, initiatives and celebrating holiday...
“Fishful” and Backwards Thinking: The Week's End, June 21, 2024
By: Cantor Sidney Ezer
Jun 20th 2024
A major portion of Parashat Beha’alotkha devotes itself to the Israelites’ wanderings in the wilderness dictated by the movement of the Clouds of Glory hovering above the Tabernacle to guide and protect the Israelites along the way. Chapter 11 covers the departure from Mount Sinai, the first stage of the march being a three-day journey to Taberah in the wilderness of Paran. The...
Letter of Solidarity, June 2024
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 18th 2024
Dear Jewish Community in the GTA,Antisemitism is UnacceptableAs Christian ministers in the Greater Toronto Area, we are deeply troubled by the recent events of hatred and mistreatment towards the Jewish community. We want to express our deep concern and unequivocal condemnation of antisemitism in its various forms. We believe that every person, including the Jewish community should be treated...
Comforting the Mourner - Nichum Aveilim: The Week's End, June 14, 2024
By: Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin
Jun 14th 2024
Dear Friends,  A few years back, a friend and colleague Rabbi Daniel Greyber wrote a rabbinic responsa, about the community’s obligations to provide comfort to an individual whose shiva is canceled by the festival. This is how his teshuvah/responsa began:  It is established halakhah that if an individual suffers a loss and the burial takes place in the days before a...
Each of us Matters, Each of us Counts: The Week's End, June 7, 2024
By: Rabbi Lara Rodin
Jun 7th 2024
This summer, I am completing a 400-hour unit of clinical pastoral education, or spiritual care, as the Chesed Intern at Beth Tzedec. In this role, I have the privilege of offering my presence to members of our community. We spend our visits together getting to know each other, and I listen to the stories, often full of both struggles and triumphs, of the unique lives of each person. At the...
The Blessings of Curses: The Week's End, May 31, 2024
By: Daniel Silverman
May 30th 2024
Parashat Bechukotai provides the capstone covenant to the Book of Leviticus. Having shared so many rules and laws, the book ends with God sharing what rewards the people will receive should they adhere, and what curses and difficulties they will encounter if they don’t. The curses section is much longer and more detailed than the blessings section. Perhaps this is because our behaviour...