Wanted: Old Photos and Footage
Jun 30th 2015
As part of a highlight event for Beth Tzedec Congregation's 60th Anniversary celebrations, Cantor Simon Spiro is compiling old photos and/or footage from member weddings, bar mitzvahs or other special events that took place at the synagogue. If you have items that could be included, please contact Cantor Spiro.
Strategic Planning Phase II - Focus Groups
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 18th 2015
Strategic Planning Focus Groups are now being scheduled to be held during the summer beginning in the last week of June. Share your vision of Beth Tzedec's future. We are looking for members interested in participating in a small-group structured conversation led by our facilitator, Christine Govern. Sessions will be held outside of Beth Tzedec and will last up to two...
Voices of Tomorrow Children's Choir
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 17th 2015
The Voices of Tomorrow Children's Choir is for kids who like to sing and have fun. This musical group sings with Cantor Simon Spiro and the Beth Tzedec Singers at several holiday services and performs in concerts at Beth Tzedec and in the community. It's a wonderful experience for children—and their parents enjoy it, too!For information about joining the Voices of Tomorrow, please contact...
Mishpacha Program Registration
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 9th 2015
Beth Tzedec’s Mishpacha program: Toddlers, Tunes and Treats (for children ages 1 to 3 with a parent, grandparent or caregiver) is now open for registration for the Fall and Winter sessions. Classes will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m., led by Tobie Seligman. Come play, sing and create arts & crafts around a different theme each week. To...
The Shavuot Ten Commandments
By: Aily Leibtag
May 27th 2015
Some ideas to help make Shavuot a fun time in your home!Crafts, recipes and discussions can go a long way to helping make Shavuot more meaningful for the whole family.Help your family recognize that Shavuot is coming. We count the Omer—the days between Passover and Shavuot. Make a family Omer counting chart and count it together at dinner time. On Shavuot, it is customary to eat dairy...
Connecting with Hebrew: Making Hebrew Meaningful
By: Daniel Silverman
May 27th 2015
I am not a fluent Hebrew speaker. Even with a career in Jewish education, a Master’s degree in Bible, a year spent living in Israel, eight other visits and thousands of hours in Hebrew class in elementary school, high school and university, I have not mastered the Hebrew language.  Sure, I can get by with the Hebrew I do know. I can hold my own in a conversation with an Israeli, I can...
In Celebration of Adult Learning
By: Rabbi Adam Cutler
May 27th 2015
Riding the TTC, one cannot help but notice the plethora of advertisements for Continuing Education. In a recent subway ride, my entire car was plastered with banners boasting of a particular university’s 88 certificate programs and over 1,500 courses, seminars and workshops—all aimed at mature students.While the rest of the world is seemingly catching up, our tradition has...
Summer Plans
May 27th 2015
There is a lot to enjoy in the summer. Aliza and I love to stay home. We spend hours puttering in our garden and begin every day with a cup of tea on our deck as we literally stop to smell the roses. It’s interesting to note that in Judaism, there is a special blessing for when you smell roses (different from the brakhot for fragrant herbs, different from that of aromatic fruits,...
Sharing a Mission
By: S. Blake Teichman
May 27th 2015
As I write this column, Beth Tzedec is preparing to host Rabbi Steven Wernick, CEO of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. His topic for his address to the Congregation on Shabbat, April 25 is The Next Great Jewish Paradigm Shift: Creating Intentional Communities. In my inaugural Bulletin column, written at the time we rejoined USCJ last summer and very much informed by our...
Rabbis, Resumes and Eulogies
By: Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl
May 27th 2015
In the road to character, David Brooks sets out to recover what he describes as “a vast moral vocabulary and set of moral tools, developed over centuries and handed down from generation to generation." To reclaim that moral vocabulary and path of life, he consciously adopts a religious vocabulary and vector. He notes, “We don’t live for happiness, we live for holiness. Day to day we...
Executive Committee 2015/2016
By: Beth Tzedec
May 27th 2015
Following the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday, May 28, the Board of Governors met and elected the Executive Committee, comprised of the following individuals:Blake Teichman - PresidentSheldon Rotman - ChairAlan Sless - Vice-PresidentDebbie Rothstein - Vice-ChairPeter Weinstein - TreasurerLarry Wallach - SecretaryLeonard Cappe - ParnosCarolyn Kolers - Immediate Past PresidentNorman...
Kaplan Bar/Bat Mitzvah Financial Assistance Awards
By: Daniel Silverman
May 13th 2015
Beth Tzedec Congregation is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer two financial assistance awards to qualifying students, made possible thanks to the Kaplan Family in memory of Charles & Pearl Kaplan and Robert & Estherelke Kaplan.To download the application form, click here .
Beth Tzedec Seeks a Youth Director
By: Daniel Silverman
May 11th 2015
Youth Director Job Description Beth Tzedec Congregation is seeking a Youth Director within our Youth and Family Programming department. A full-time position, the primary role of the Youth Director is to be the face and voice for youth and teen programming for the Congregation. Objectives include maximizing participation and...
The Beth Tzedec Men's Club Needs Your Help
By: Beth Tzedec
May 7th 2015
The third annual Golf Classic fundraiser is confirmed for Thursday, May 28 at King's Riding Golf Club. The Men's Club urgently requires promotional items to give away to the participants. Even if you don't have promotional items, you can still help. Please consider making a cash donation—even just $18—to help the Men's Club make this event a shining success. Charitable donation receipts will...
Winter Coats for Out of the Cold
By: Beth Tzedec
Apr 8th 2015
The winter is finally coming to a close, but the Out of the Cold program is already busy restocking their clothing bank for next year. If you have adult-sized winter ski jackets and coats that you can donate to those in need in the community, please drop them off Beth Tzedec or Beth Sholom synagogues during regular business hours. Donation bags should be labelled OOTC.