A Message about the High Holy Days from the Spiritual Leadership Team
By: Beth Tzedec
Aug 24th 2020
Dear Friends, Shimon the Righteous was one of the last of the men of the Great Assembly. He used to say: the world stands upon three things: the Torah, the Temple service, and the practice of acts of hesed, loving kindness. Why is hesed one of the legs of this precious three legged stool? The authors of Avot D’Rabbi Natan provide an answer with a haunting story. Once, Rabbi...
Reopening Our Doors⁠—An Update from Our Reopening Taskforce
By: Beth Tzedec
Aug 13th 2020
We are excited to announce that Beth Tzedec will begin reopening for in-person services with Minhah / Ma'ariv on Monday, August 17.The Reopening Taskforce, with input from medical professionals and public health authorities, has compiled and presented to the Board a Reopening Manual outlining policies and procedures to help ensure that we move forward safely and cautiously.Read the Reopening...
Getting Ready for Reopening
By: Beth Tzedec
Jul 24th 2020
We are delighted to announce that a generous donation from Gabi Weisfeld had made it possible for us to upgrade the Hendeles Chapel while our building is closed.This upgrade includes replacing the carpeting and removing the pews in favour of flexible seating, which can be configured in many different ways to help facilitate davening and physical distancing.While it's still a work-in progress,...
Updates from the Beth Tzedec Reopening Taskforce
By: Beth Tzedec
Jul 9th 2020
Reopening Our Doorsby Lawrie Lubin, Chair of the Reopening TaskforceAugust 13, 2020 –We are excited to announce that Beth Tzedec will begin reopening for in-person services with Minhah / Ma'ariv on Monday, August 17.The Reopening Taskforce, with input from medical professionals and public health authorities, has compiled and presented to the Board a Reopening Manual outlining...
Messages from Our Leadership
By: Beth Tzedec
Jul 3rd 2020
Connection and Gratitudeby President Debbie RothsteinJuly 3, 2020 –In the last three months, we have all had to adapt to a new way of life. For me, it has meant that much of my day is spent in my home office. After the first few weeks of shock, I find I have eased into a semi-routine, although I have pretty much lost all concept of time. Most importantly, I have found that I have much...
Framing Reopening⁠—An Update from Our Reopening Taskforce
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 25th 2020
As Toronto enters Stage 2 of Ontario's Reopening Framework, we are seeing various businesses and synagogues in our community begin the process of reopening.At Beth Tzedec, we have been fortunate to be able to deliver and enjoy programs and services online.Yet we also look forward to the opportunity to come together again in person—to pray, to celebrate and to offer comfort to one another.We...
Reopening Beth Tzedec while Protecting Our Community
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 9th 2020
Yesterday afternoon, Premier Doug Ford announced the provincial government's plans for the safe and gradual reopening of Ontario. Many of us were excited to learn that, as of this Friday, places of worship will be able to welcome a limited number of congregants, albeit no more than 30 percent of our building capacity. While we are looking forward to gathering together once again, our...
Live Streaming Frequently Asked Questions
By: Beth Tzedec
Jun 5th 2020
Dear Friends, We are thrilled that so many people joined us for our first live stream of Shabbat and Yom Tov prayer services this past weekend. We are even more grateful that so many of you found it meaningful. To give you an idea of the impact of the experience: 653 households joined our Shabbat morning service. 165 people shared their opinion of the service in our post-Shabbat...
Engaging Our Membership Online: A Message from the President
By: Debbie Rothstein
Jun 1st 2020
When I went to sleep on March 12, I didn't expect to wake up in a world in which my husband and I would not be able to attend the next day’s minyan, or that he would not be able to say Kaddish together with other mourners and friends in shul. Just a few weeks ago, our world changed and we have been forced to find new ways to connect, to engage and to provide meaningful Jewish...
President's Remarks from the Annual Meeting
By: Debbie Rothstein
May 26th 2020
This past year was a time of transition for Beth Tzedec. After the retirement (but not the departure) of our beloved Rabbi Frydman-Kohl, we welcomed two new rabbis – The Anne and Max Tanenbaum Senior Rabbinic Chair, Rabbi Steve Wernick and Associate Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin. I’m very happy to report that it has been a seamless transition. Last year, after a series of...
Notice of Annual Meeting
By: Beth Tzedec
May 25th 2020
By now, all Beth Tzedec members should have received, either via email or Canada Post, a notice with registration information for your personal access to the online Annual Meeting of the Congregation. This information is being sent to you as a member of Beth Tzedec Congregation for your express use only. For the safety and security of fellow members as well as the preservation of your...
Feminism in Israel: A D'var Israel from Alona Laufer
By: Beth Tzedec
May 22nd 2020
Being a woman in Israel is not a simple thing. Although Israel is the only democracy of the middle east, I don’t think we can call it completely gender equal. Recently there have been a few events that brought up this issue several times and made it a part of the public discourse.  In Israel, the inequality starts from a young age. The Shorts Protest started about two weeks...
Technical Requirements for Watching Services on the Beth Tzedec Website
By: Beth Tzedec
May 22nd 2020
As we begin the process of broadcasting services on Shabbat and Yom Tov, you may be thinking about the best ways to create a meaningful service experience for yourself and your family. As you do that, please take the time to review these recommended browsers and operating systems for optimum performance.Windows Computer Windows 8 & up IE 10 & up **** On Internet Explorer,...
Call for Submissions: High Holy Day Reader 2020
By: Linda Marleny Dow
May 21st 2020
Each year we produce a wonderful booklet of prayer, poetry and reflections for the Days of Awe. This booklet is designed to inspire and enlighten us during the High Holy Days - adding to our Beth Tzedec Congregation experience. This year we have chosen Olam Hesed Yibaneh: We Build the World on Love, as our theme. So please - share your stories, poems and other artwork! Especially during...
Overcoming Intolerance: A D'var Israel from Gal Goren
By: Beth Tzedec
May 19th 2020
"Okay, so there are many Arab countries in the Middle East and only one Jewish one. Why won’t they just leave Israel and live in one of those?’’ Last Thursday, we hosted our weekly program exploring of the most "politically incorrect" TV show in Israel, Sorry For Asking. This TV show interviews Israelis and asks controversial questions sourced from the public to minority Israeli...