H̱esed Report Sivan 5773 / May 2013
By: Beth Tzedec
May 14th 2013
Out of the ColdThe fourth annual Out of the Cold Art Show and Fundraiser was held on Sunday, April 14 at Beth Sholom Synagogue. The artwork that is painted by our guests every Tuesday evening during our winter program was displayed and available for sale. The event was a huge success. Thirteen of the artists attended the show and in addition to their artwork, they each wrote and displayed a...
The End of the Shul as We Know It?
By: Beth Tzedec
Apr 8th 2013
Beth Tzedec Congregation, The Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto, Holy Blossom Temple, and Toronto's greater Jewish community are anticipating another tremendous gathering on the evening Thursday, April 11, at 7:30 pm. The fall event, Part I of "The End of the Shul as We Know It?" with Professor Jonathan Sarna was so well received.  There was an impressive...
H̱esed Report Nisan 5773 / March 2013
By: Beth Tzedec
Mar 28th 2013
Out of the Cold It is hard to believe that the 15th season of our Out of the Cold program has almost ended. The Out of the Cold program is a volunteer initiative that consists of congregations from faith groups, community members and advocates who provide safe refuge, hospitality and emergency shelter to the homeless community throughout the City of Toronto. Our joint venture with Beth...
Host our new Shinshinim
By: Beth Tzedec
Mar 25th 2013
We are looking for host families for our new shinshim (Israeli Young Emissaries), Maya Schwartz and Barak Tal. Our two enthusiastic young Israelis can't wait to get to know the Beth Tzedec family and spend time with you and your children. Can you make a three-month commitment to welcome Maya or Barak into your home? To learn more about the opportunity to be a host family, please email Todd...
Welcome to the New Beth Tzedec Website
By: Beth Tzedec
Mar 21st 2013
We are pleased and proud to welcome you to the new Beth Tzedec website. This site is the direct result of the thoughtful and considered advice, responses and suggestions – and the many, many hours of hard work – contributed by our devoted Klei Kodesh, professional staff, lay leadership and the many volunteers who lent their talents, professional expertise or brute force to this...
Warm Wishes from Out of the Cold
By: Aily Leibtag
Mar 11th 2013
“It is not what one says, but rather what one does,that makes all the difference in the world.” (Pirkei Avot 1:17) The volunteer experience is something remarkable for families. In the cold of winter, Beth Tzedec families come together to lend a helping hand. On Tuesday nights, with smiling faces, they roll up their sleeves to prepare and serve food to those less...
From Israel to my Seder Table
By: Carolyn Kolers
Mar 11th 2013
With Purim just past, and Pesaẖ looming on the horizon, things are as busy as ever at Beth Tzedec.Engagement When I last wrote, I was getting ready for our family’s first trip to Israel, and now that trip feels like a distant memory—an incredibly special memory. This family mission proved to be a fantastic experience for all five families who participated. For my kids, the...
The Season of Opening Our Homes
By: Daniel Silverman
Mar 11th 2013
I write this article fighting the bleary-eyed late afternoon jet lag that I am struggling to shake four days after returning from Israel. My week-long trip with over 35 lay and professional leaders involved in Toronto’s Shinshinim program—a collaboration between the Jewish Agency for Israel, UJA Federation,and over 20 schools, synagogues, and youth...
Community? What Community?
By: Randy Spiegel
Mar 11th 2013
You can gain comfort in knowing that we are here for each other.If you have faced a moment of indecision, have been challenged by a personal struggle or have had to deal with a tragedy, you can begin to understand how important it is to be connected and be part of a community. People give, respond and are at their best when they deal with other people. People develop, and...
Naomi Dar will be our Tanenbaum Fellow for 5773 (2013)
By: Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl
Mar 11th 2013
Israeli Rabbinical student, high school teacher and PhD joins us in March. This year, the Anne and Max Tanenbaum Fellow will be Dr. Naomi Dar. She is a rabbinical student at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Israel. She is a high school biology teacher at Meitarim Ra’anana, a pluralistic high school. Naomi holds a PhD in Philosophy of Evolution and has...
Purim, Pesah and Beyond
Mar 11th 2013
"Our Jewish backgrounds, rituals and customs instantly connect us." A hectic and fulfilling Purim season has just ended for me and Aliza. Our Beth Tzedec Purim Family Musical this year was dedicated to the memory of Jakob Ari Shapiro z”l, a beautiful and special 17-year old boy who was a part of our show for many years and who passed away last June. Jakob’s spirit was felt, and his...