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We Stand in Solidarity with Chabad of Poway
Apr 28th 2019
Once again, our community in the midst of our holiday celebrations has been shocked by violence. As we gathered to enjoy the company of our families and friends, again a Beit Tefillah, a house of prayer, has been desecrated during Yom Tov observance. 
A Message from the Nominating Committee
Apr 22nd 2019
The Nominating Committee of Beth Tzedec Congregation informs the Members of the Congregation that since no additional candidates were nominated to stand for election as Director by the deadline of April 15, 2019, the following have been acclaimed as Directors as of the annual meeting scheduled for May 30, 2019: 
A Passover Message from Rabbi Steve Wernick
Apr 18th 2019
The central ritual of Passover is the Hagaddah, the telling of our Master Story; how slaves became free people and how a band of disparate tribes became a people. explains that there are three essential elements of the seder’s retelling 
Website Glitch under "This Shabbat"
Apr 16th 2019
We are experiencing a glitch on the homepage of our website in the "THIS SHABBAT" section. Beth Tzedec WILL have services this Shabbat, Pesaẖ Day 1, beginning at 9:30 a.m. For information about services this Shabbat, April 20, please click the link "read more" link below. 
Rav Roy Tanenbaum Israel Scholarship Program
Apr 15th 2019
Beth Tzedec is currently accepting requests for the Rav Roy Tanenbaum Israel Scholarship Program for students enrolled in degree programs in accredited colleges and universities in Israel. Preference will be given to Beth Tzedec members, but others are welcome to apply. For more information, contact Randy Spiegel.
Phone Line Disruptions
Apr 15th 2019
We are experiencing issues with several of our phone lines. If you need to speak with members of the staff of spiritual team, please call us at 416-781-3511. If your call is not connected, please call back again. Alternately, you can email us at, and we will return your calls.
A Message from the Nominating Committee
Apr 7th 2019
The Nominating Committee of Beth Tzedec Congregation nominates each of the following individuals for election as a Director at the annual meeting scheduled for May 30, 2019:  Jamie Golombek, Bernie Gropper, Mitch Max, Patti Rotman, Earl Schwebel, Brian Segal, Aaron Wine, Josh Zelikovitz and Oscar Zimmerman.
Help us create a lasting memory for Rabbi Frydman-Kohl
Mar 28th 2019
Rav Baruch will be presented with a video tribute journal on the occasion of his retirement. You are invited to record a brief video greeting, message or memory with our professional videographer on Sunday, April 28 or Wednesday, May 1.
Ring of Peace Supporting the Muslim Community
Mar 20th 2019
Last Friday, during Muslim prayers in New Zealand, a white supremacist stormed two mosques, murdering 50 people and injuring scores more. Who among us was not horrified by the news? Who among us did not immediately remember the terrible attack against Jews in Pittsburgh? 
The Beth Tzedec Centre for Spiritual Well-Being
Mar 11th 2019
In a recent video presentation, Reb Steve spoke about the genesis of Beth Tzedec's exciting new initiative ... and becoming b'seder. To view the video, click here>>
Reb Steve Shares Thoughts on Rav Baruch
Mar 11th 2019
In a video presentation, Rabbi Steven Wernick shares this thoughts on Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl's connection to the Beth Tzedec membership and the community. To view it, click here>>
A Call for Nominations from the Members by the Chair of the Nominating Committee
Feb 28th 2019
As Chair of the Nominating Committee, in accordance with subsection 9.09(b) of the by-laws of Beth Tzedec Congregation, Carolyn Kolers calls for nominations from the Members of Beth Tzedec Congregation to stand as candidates for election as Directors at the next annual general meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 26, 2020. 
Inclement Weather Update
Feb 12th 2019
Tuesday, February 12—With the winter storm currently underway, our office is closing for the day. The building remain open and Minhah services will continue as schedule this evening. Our spiritual leadership will also be available for any emergencies.
The Beth Tzedec Strategic Plan
Feb 5th 2019
In December 2016, the Board of Governors approved a "Strategic Plan Structure" identifying our mission, vision and strategies guiding our direction. We continue to apply the concepts within the document in planning programs, events and staff/leadership considerations for the future. You can view the Strategic Plan outline here.
Share a Memory of Rav Baruch
Feb 5th 2019
Book of Memories: Submit letters and photos sharing how Rav Baruch has touched your life to let him know how much he has meant to your family. We'll compile them into a book to be presented to Rav Baruch and his family. Submit to by March 4.